Discover BeLo3rd

BeLo3rd Business Group Hudson NY

BeLo3rd is a neighborhood group dedicated to increasing awareness of the many shops, art galleries, restaurants, and other businesses in the district below 3rd Street in Hudson, NY. When you visit Hudson, come to Belo3rd to discover a part of Hudson that you may never have visited. We have much to offer: six art galleries, an antique shop,  restaurants, massage, yoga, theater, great coffee, and more.

Organization and Meetings

Belo3rd was founded in 2009 to support the development of a stronger  community in the blocks of Hudson below 3rd St. We hold socials and meetings at various member businesses. Our meetings are informal but move crisply through the agenda and almost always adjourn before an hour elapses. Socials are an opportunity to chat and gossip. The focus is on fun and not business, though inevitably a little business does get done.


Any business or resident of the area below 3rd Street is welcome to participate. Although the bulk of the members are from Warren St. itself, we do have members from other streets. To become a member send an email to membership@belo3rd.com. We will contact you promptly.

For additional information, contact Karen Davis or Mark Ganem